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Disney Bounding With the Disney Fashionista- Sassy Simba

It’s time for another adventure in Disney Bounding with the Disney Fashionista! I am loving this weather and the colors that come with the season. Lot of warm browns and rusts… the perfect for colors for today’s Disney Bounding character… sassy Simba!


Aren’t these colors perfect for Fall??? We start the look for Simba with these skinny pants in this dark brown. It will really off set the other colors and make it pop. We proceed to this yellow, lace capped sleeve top. The piece de resistance in this look is the jacket, for me anyway. It is Fall and we need something to keep us warm, as the temperature drops. The suede boots keep this look fresh, current and right on point with the color palette for Simba!

When it comes to accessories, we have lots of options to really bring this Simba look to life! The earrings are obviously Lion King earrings and the gold tone is the right metal to go with this look. Silver would look off. The ring is the obvious statement for people who still don’t get that we are Disney Bounding Simba! The bracelet is from the new Ashley Bridget Collection!! To complete this look, and add a bit more color to tie the whole thing together with a less monochromatic scheme, we have this fabulous Mickey’s Perfect Petals Hipster Bag by Vera Bradley from the Disney Store!

I am thinking this look could not be more perfect for this weather and any Lion King fan would love to wear it!! What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!!!

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