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Disney Bounding With the Disney Fashionista- The Extraordinary Elsa!

It’s December and there has already been snow and freezing temperatures in areas that don’t usually see them quite this early. I’m blaming it all on Elsa. So, if I’m going to blame it on a Frozen Queen then why not make her the focus of this week’s Disney Bounding look?? Elsa’s style is fit for a Queen and rightfully so. Her color palette is wintery and that’s exactly what i am looking for. this week, Let’s take a look at Vintage Elsa.


Elsa is going back in time in our look this week. She has a holiday party to attend and she is going to be the Belle (I know, different Princess) of the ball. This color palette is aqua… kind of a wintery blue, if you will, and we’ve added a lot of sparkle to emphasize the Frozen element.  We’re starting with a vintage style dress that is bound to make any woman look incredible. I know this type of lower cut, empire type waist and a line style skirt is the kind of dress that accentuates all my best features. We’ve paired it with a fabulous pair of matching aqua , strappy, peep toe shoes.  In case it’s chilly, a lovely shawl completes the clothing portion of our look.

For accessories, we’re going sparkle all the way. A snowflake hair comb, a sparkly, jeweled bracelet and snowflake necklace remind us that Elsa is the Frozen Queen and has ‘frozen fractals all around’. The clutch is a fabulous Jimmy Choo bedazzled clutch that reminds me of ice.  The final piece to the outfit is the fabulous earrings that we happen to giving away next week by Beautiful Baubles. If you love these snowflake, ice blue earrings and you haven’t entered the draw, check out the Disney Fashionista Facebook page to enter. Otherwise, head on over to the Beautiful Baubles website and enter the code disfashion5 for a 5% discount!


This week, Katelynn Rose has given us a look fit for a Queen who is spending the night out on the town! She’s incorporated the icy blue from our look, and lots of shimmer to ‘ice’ it up. This look may not be an every day look but it certainly is fitting for the theme of this week’s look. Check out the how to instructions below.

1. First apply a white cream shadow all over the lid
2. Then apply a gold sparkle shadow on the inner part of the eye
3. Blend a teal blue shadow on the outer part of the eye
4. Create the shape of the look with a small precision brush and a teal blue shadow.
5. Fill in the space and intensify the outer corner with black shadow, blending all of the colors together
6. Apply glitter wherever you want 😀


Last week we introduced a new piece to our looks… nails. The above pattern is a Jamberry design created exclusively for us by our consultant, Micheal. The nails are entitled ‘Let It Snow’ and are available to you by emailing Micheal at [email protected]. Just contact her and she will work with you and get you an invoice and your nails! If you aren’t familiar with jamberry Nails yet, please feel free to check out her site! I think these nails represent Elsa perfectly and would go very well with our look. If you are a closet Disney lover, no one even has to know these nails are Disney inspired!

That completes another week here at Disney Bounding with the Disney Fashionista. Are you loving our wintery look?? Let me know what you think our vintage Elsa in the comment box below!

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