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Disney Bounding With The Disney Fashionista- The Magical Mary Poppins!

I decided that it was time to Disney Bound with someone who wasn’t animated… not that Mary didn’t have an animated personality but I think you know what I mean. Due to the fact that Mary Poppins is a non-animated character, it’s difficult to give her a different look and yet still scream Mary. I think that we have managed to accomplish this in our two different looks this week. Mary is nothing if not sassy and thus our first look is sassy Mary Poppins! I think something Mary would vehemently deny is that she is also flirty (did you see some of those looks she gave Burt??) so o0ur second look is flirty Mary Poppins. Let’s check out these two fabulous looks!


Mary Poppins main colors are blue, black and red. I think all these colors work pretty well for fall. Sassy Mary’s look incorporates all these colors in a bit less of an obvious way. Many typical Mary Poppins Disney Bound looks have a dress incorporated but we went another route. The base of this outfit is a pair of royal blue skinny jeans. We’ve topped that with a fun, flowy top to be covered with a jacket. Let’s be honest, one of our looks had to include a jacket of some sort. This one has a bit of a twist as it’s a cropped jacket and not as long as she typically wears. Now, for footwear, tall, black suede boots make this look fall appropriate. Everyone is wearing boots! Instead of the stereotypical hat Mary Poppins is known for, we decided to get the pop of red in the look with a hair bow!

Now jewelry… I think this look is made by the fun accent pieces that scream Mary Poppins.  The bracelet is an umbrella and the earrings are penguins! Doesn’t everyone think of that iconic scene when they think of Mary Poppins?? The necklace represents the infamous song “Spoonful of Sugar” from the movie (you know you all started humming it when you saw this look). The necklace is another fabulous piece from Beautiful Baubles. The deal still stands that if you are interested in anything from Beautiful Baubles, especially this necklace, just enter disfashion5 for a 5% discount when you check out!


Flirty Mary Poppins is only appropriate in warmer states for fall but I am trying to wish warmer weather onto myself so I’m sticking with this look. We’ve used blue military shorts instead of the jeans and a white sleeveless button down covered by a long navy cardigan on top. The red pop of color is in the scarf this time. I am all about a good scarf! We left the hat in place this time but  we changed the look of the hat so it’s still a little different. The boots are short this time with a slight heel (who doesn’t love a fun pair of shorts with heels?). The necklace we kept the same (see above) because I can’t stop singing the song.

That’s it for this week’s disney Bounding with the Disney Fashionista! What did you all think? Do you prefer sassy or flirty Mary Poppins?? Let me know what you think in the comment box below!


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