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Disney Bounding With the Disney Fashionista- The Perfect Pocahontas!

This week we wanted to Disney Bound with a character that oozes fall from their pores. It’s the time of year where the leaves have changed color (and are falling off trees) and winter is fast approaching. A perfect autumn look is what I craved and who better to give it to us than Pocahontas! This beautiful Disney legend is known for her love and respect of nature. Her wardrobe is the perfect color palette for this time of year. We decided to put together two looks for this beloved, nature loving Princess, as we adore her natural ease and style. Let’s take a look at office and boho Pocahontas!


This office Pocahontas look makes me happy. As a strawberry blonde with blue eyes, these colors are 2 of my best and this look exudes chic, confident ease… everything that this character represents. The base of the outfit is this suede, camel tone Ralph Lauren dress. It is fitted and draped to perfection. To cover up in the cooler weather, a light, fitted brown leather jacket is paired with the dress so as not to lose the shape of the look. Thee shoes are Jimmy Choo and have that turquoise accent that Pocahontas is known for. Accessories include gold with turquoise hair comb and ring as well as this fabulous necklace. The necklace has turquoise and brown Swarovski crystal accents surrounding laser cut, open leaves. I can picture the leaves swirling around as Pocahontas sings ‘Colors of the Wind’ when I look at this piece. This is another piece from Beautiful Baubles. (remember, if you are interested in this piece or others from Beautiful Baubles, enter code DisFashion5 on the Beautiful Baubles etsy site and receive 5% off). The handbag is one of the new fall Coach bags and completes the outfit perfectly, in my opinion. I would rock this look daily if I could.


In this boho Pocahontas look, we decided to keep it chic but a little more casual. The base of this look starts with these fabulous, fitted, chocolate colored leather pants. The top is a cinged at the waist, light camel blouse, Due to the fact that this is a pretty neutral outfit thus far (for me anyway), we’ve found another pair of Jimmy Choo heels. This time, the shoes are a little more casual with the platform heel, and turquoise gemstones. For accessories, we chose a brown leather accessory for the hair, a gold and turquoise ring and the fabulous necklace from Beautiful Baubles (see above for details). The bag is a lovely neutral, beige handbag from Gucci. This bag sits right against the hip and offsets the fabulous chocolate tone in the pants.

I know that some of the accessories in these looks are pretty pricey but, with Pocahontas being such a live off the land character, we thought it might be fun to bring her outside of her comfort zone yet keep her in the colors she loves. We’re mixing it up, if you will.


Now, we know Pocahontas probably isn’t into the whole makeup scene… but I am. We also know I love a completed look. So, this week, the lovely Katelynn Rose has given us a look inspired by Pocahontas, full of neutral brown shades and a pop of turquoise. I actually own all these colors and decided to try the look out…. I loved it. It’s my new fall fave. Thank you Katelynn Rose!! Check out the steps below if you are interested in trying it yourself.

1. Prime your eyes.
2. Apply the Nyx Milk Cream Shadow all over the lid up to the brow.
3. Apply a light cream shadow all over the lid.
4. Apply white shadow under the brow.
5. Create the cut crease using the black gel liner.
6. Smudge the liner upwards and blend it with a black shadow.
7. Blend the black shadow with a clean fluffy brush.
8. Over it apply a red brown shadow and blend that up to the white used under the brow.
9. Line your bottom lash line with a teal blue color
10. Line your eyes with a black pencil or a gel liner.
11. Apply mascara.
12. Attach false lashes and you’re done.

That’s it for another week of Disney Bounding with the Disney Fashionista. I must say that I think this has been my favorite week thus far. Stay tuned next week when we switch to a non-animated classic character! If you loved one of these looks, let me know in the comment box below!


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