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Disney Bounding With The Disney Fashionista- The Ravishing Rapunzel!

This week we are thinking of New York City in the spring (because that where we wish were and the weather was warmer). One of my favorite princesses, for many reasons, is the ravishing Rapunzel. She is spunky and cute and her primary color is yellow! What’s not to love about her?? She takes on the world for her dream and I admire anyone who can do that. So, this week, let’s take a look at our inspiration, Rapunzel!


This week Rapunzel is in NYC taking a stroll before she meets up with Eugene! She is wearing a fabulous purple Maxi dress but it’s spring so she has a lilac cardigan to keep her a little warmer. She wants to be stylish but not be uncomfortable while walking around so she has the fabulous lace Toms to give almost a floral look to her outfit. We all know she loves flowers, especially in her hair! For that, we found a lovely purple, floral barrette! Her purse is green to remind her of Pascale while she is out strolling. The fabulous earrings and necklace are from Beautiful Baubles!! The earrings remind me of her hair and the necklace reminds me of the festival. I am in love with both pieces. If you are too, remember to enter disfashion5 at check out and you can get 5% off your order!


The fabulous Katelynn Rose has given us another amazing look featuring purples and gold. I totally think you could wear a lighter version of this for the daytime and bump it up to this level at night. I am amazed every week by the looks she gives us. I wish she was own personal makeup artist!!! If you are interested in trying this look, here are the instructions!

1. Apply a base all over the lid up to the brow, this will make your shadows stay on longer and be more vibrant
2. Use a fluffy blending brush and apply a soft taupe shadow in the crease up to the brow bone
3. Intensify the crease with a purple shade, blending it with the taupe shadow
4. Darken the outer corner with a dark purple or a black shadow
5. Apply a gold shimmery shadow all over the lid
6. Line your upper lid with a purple glitter liner

That’s it for another week of Disney Bounding with the Disney Fashionista. I hope you love our Rapunzel as much as we do!

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