Disney Character Clip-Ons Add Cuteness To Anything

It’s time to add cuteness to everything! The new micro Disney Character Clip-Ons, are pocket sized cuties you can snap on to anything, anywhere. They come in an assortment of characters, and each one has a different expression.

These soft clip-on plushies feature embroidered details, and fuzzy plush texturing. You simply squeeze their shoulders, and attach them to anything that needs a little extra bit of Disney magic. They’re also only $5.95, which is quite affordable! Characters available at Goofy, Stitch, Winnie the Pooh, Donald, Mickey, Minnie, and Genie.

Genie Plush Clip-On

The benevolent blue wish-granter from Aladdin is ready to go where ever you go.

Mickey Mouse Plush Clip-On

Our iconic hero and all-around swell pal is ready to hang around where ever the magic is needed.

Minnie Mouse Plush Clip-On

The leading lady Minnie Mouse is ready to strike a pose and hang on!

Disney Character Clip-Ons

Winnie the Pooh Plush Clip-On

Our favorite silly ol’ bear is ready to tag along for any adventure, just don’t let him get stuck trying to get honey.

Stitch Plush Clip-On

Experiment 626 might be feisty, but he’ll always stick around.

Goofy Plush Clip-On

Hopefully Goofy won’t get into any mixups while he’s clipped on for adventure.

Donald Duck Plush Clip-On

Of course the Donald one is my personal favorite, but just look at that adorable little angry face!

I really think the different character expressions help bring a unique and fun vibe to the collection. Which Disney Character Clip-Ons will be joining you on your next adventure?

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