Disney Discovery- Disney Express Christmas Train Set

Today’s Disney discovery is a little different because I know that you can get it at Hallmark. Why am I showing it then? Well, not everyone has access to a Hallmark and if you don’t want to make multiple purchases to get it, this is actually a better deal! Today’s Disney discovery is a Disney express Christmas train set.


This Disney express train set is absolutely adorable! I saw it at Hallmark and shared it with you then but I didn’t want to wait for each individual release date of each character. Now, you can get each piece but, in order to get it for the price I am showing you today, you have to make a purchase at Hallmark. That could jack the price up way more than this costs!

Now, about the train, each member plays two Christmas songs! How cool is that? I love the peppermint wheels, too! It’s such a cute addition to a holiday train set. Sets it apart from other ones, in my opinion. This set even includes the batteries!!! The Fab 5 are ready to make your Christmas even better!

For the price…. this Disney express train set is only $99 with free shipping! Think of the looks on your friends and families’ faces when they see this! It’s perfect! If you want to check it out, you can find it HERE. If you buy it online at Hallmark, it is $159! Happy holidays, fashionistas!

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