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Disney Discovery- Disney Lilo and Stitch Infinity Scarf

With the success of the Disney infinity scarves in the recent past (congrats again to Sherry and Lynne for winning), I knew that I needed to share this when I found it. The other infinity scarves were released by Hallmark but this scarf is a Disney release and it is super fun and colorful! If you are headed to Hawaii or are having a tropical/tiki themed party, today’s Disney discovery is for you. Today’s Disney discovery is the Disney Lilo and Stitch infinity scarf.

2015-05-23 08_30_28-Disney Lilo & Stitch Hibiscus Infinity Scarf at Amazon Women’s Clothing store_

I know some of you may be thinking, “why is she showing us an infinity scarf in late May?” Valid question. Not everywhere is hot right now. Last night it was in the 60s, here in NC. That, to me, still allows for a light scarf when out and about. The other reason is that I don’t know if it will be around later so, when I find something fabulous, I show you at that moment. I love that Stitch is at the forefront of this design. I will admit I don’t see much of Lilo on there and am not real sure that she is even a real presence on this scarf but that’s what it’s called so we will roll with it. I love the tropical flowers and the fact that it feels like I just left the Polynesian Resort at WDW. Seriously, I was just there last week and, if the weather was right, this could be worn straight to Ohana’s or the Luau!

You may be wondering how much this scarf is in comparison to the others and I am happy to report it is right around the same price. As I look at it now, it is $19.45 with free shipping for orders over $35. Not too shabby!! If you are wanting to buy this lovely Lilo and Stitch infinity scarf, or just want more details, you can find it HERE. Ohana, everyone!!

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