Disney Discovery- Disney Princess Baby Girl Onesies

Everywhere I go, it seems that everyone everywhere has a little Disney prince or princess on the way.

And if it’s not you with royalty on board, it’s hard NOT to catch baby fever and drop a ton on your bestie’s shower registry.

Today’s Disney Discovery is the Disney Princess Baby Girls 0-3 month 5-pack Onesies.



The best thing about this 5-pack? You don’t have to play Princess favorites. New moms have enough on their plates without having to make another decision! And for Aunties and god moms, that, too, is one less decision; just buy all the cuteness!


Your little princess can play the part of each princess- Belle, Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella, or Ariel, each day of the week. These are perfect for dress-up or everyday wear to boast her royal title.

Side note: why do kids get all the cute(r) stuff?! As an adult, I’d love the fuzzy onesies of these!

If you love the Disney Princess Baby Girls 0-3 month 5-pack Onesies as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $30. Happy shopping, fashionistas.

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