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Disney Discovery- Disney Table Top Christmas Tree

I am loving the fact that there is so much great Christmas decor out there and that a lot of it is actually Disney. My house is decorated with all it’s Disney decor and I love just sitting on the couch and staring at my mantle and Christmas tree. I don’t have enough ornaments for another tree but I would like something upstairs to show my Disney style. I found the perfect thing! Today’s Disney discovery is a Disney Table Top Christmas tree.


This is fabulous! It is so detailed and has all the classic Disney characters we love on it. It is about 16″ high and, with 4 levels of rotating movement on this breathtaking Disney Christmas decor, the Disney Express seems to “climb” ever higher up the tree, brilliantly lit by 20 LED lights. At the very top, Mickey’s at the reins of a Pluto-and-reindeer drawn sleigh that rotates around Cinderella’s magic castle. A medley of Christmas carols makes the festivities complete. ¬†This is definitely not something meant for children to play with. Look but don’t touch would be my motto here.

This is something that is super intricate and multifaceted. What does that mean? Money. It’s not cheap. I admit that. This Disney Christmas tree for your table top is $200. I think that it’s worth it if it’s something you are interested in. A new pre-lit tree with LED lights and ornaments costs way more than that. I know. I bought a new tree last year and they aren’t cheap! If you want to check this table top Christmas tree out, you can find it HERE. Happy holidays, fashionistas!



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  • I am a little confused. The article states this is $199? But when you go to the link it is $635.45!! Is there somewhere to get it for the prices listed?

  • It was $199 through Bradford Exchange but they sold out. Now, you can only get it through secondary sellers and they charge whatever they want! Sorry about that!