Disney Discovery- Disney Twin Mickey Necklace

I love my Sophia Fiori Mickey necklace I got on my Disney Cruise. Since acquiring that piece of jewelry, I have found a new love for rose gold. I now know that it looks better with my skin tone and it has a unique look to it. With that in mind, I went searching for more rose gold Disney jewelry. Today’s Disney discovery is a Disney twin Mickey necklace.


I love this necklace. It comes in the above color, as well as a silver finish, which I know many of you are partial to. I like the way the Mickey heads intercept and that one is solid and filled with bling! It is said to be a larger pendant, unlike the mini earrings we have shared in the past. It would be great for any female Disney addict! I think it might be a little large for a child but from tween on up, it would be fantastic! The reviews are great, as well.

The price is also fantastic! This necklace is only $16.99! That’s pretty sweet. I know most of my necklaces cost way more than that. If you want to check it out and read the reviews for yourself, you can find it HERE. Enjoy, fashionistas!

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