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Disney Discovery- Ewok Coin Bag

Star Wars The Force Awakens has been beyond successful. You all know this. This brought back this huge surge of Star Wars merchandise. I have shared much of it with you already. Today’s Disney discovery is a little different. Today’s Disney discovery isn’t a designer leather bag. Today’s Disney discovery is an Ewok coin bag!

2016-01-04 03_43_15-Amazon.com_ Loungefly Star Wars Ewok Coin Bag_ Shoes

Loungefly makes some cool stuff. I have shared much of it with you. This is something completely different than anything I have ever shared with you. When have you known me to share anything like this? It’s gimicky. It’s not exactly high fashion. For the Star Wars fan, however, it is!! I thought it was cute enough to share with all of my fellow addicts.

This Ewok coin purse is a great deal at $13.80. It is usually $29.99! If you are a lover of cute little Ewoks, and want to check these out closer, you can find them HERE. May the Force be with you!

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