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Disney Discovery- Lilo And Stitch Necklace

I like to show a variety of jewelry options on Disney Fashionista and today I am showing one that is more fun, than high end. I know many of us are fans of Lilo and Stitch and today’s Disney discovery is perfect for those fans. Today’s Disney discovery is the Lilo and Stitch necklace.

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So, this is clearly more a Stitch necklace than a Lilo and Stitch necklace but that’s what the jeweler is calling it, so let’s go with it. This is not sterling silver. It is made of alloy metal. I love the image of Stitch and I really enjoy the design in the half moon. This also comes with a chain, which is always a nice touch. This necklace is gift wrapped in a cute little box which is perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

Why am I showing you a necklace that is clearly costume? I am showing you because this would be perfect for people who don’t mind costume jewelry or for this kids in your life who like to wear jewelry and who love Stitch. The reason it would be perfect for them is because it is only $10.99 with free shipping. That makes a nice stocking stuffer! If you want to take a closer look at this closer, you can find it HERE. Happy shopping!

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