Disney Discovery- Loungefly Little Mermaid Bag

I was presented with the mission of finding a Little Mermaid bag that one of our fellow fashionistas had never seen before. I thought this was not going to be possible. She’s quite knowledgeable when it comes to all things Ariel. I can’t believe I had success and that made me think maybe you all hadn’t seen it either. Today’s Disney discovery is a Loungefly Little Mermaid bag.


This Little Mermaid satchel is unlike others I’ve seen for a couple of reasons but mostly because of the neutrality of the color! Usually, colors like green, blue and teal would be affiliated with Ariel but this purse is a neutral palette of black and white. Ariel’s silhouette can be found mixed in between the seashells and anchors scattered about. It’s different in the fact you won’t see Flounder or Sebastian, either. The sleek stripes on the side give the illusion of a sleeker shape on the sides, which I enjoy.

This Little Mermaid purse by Loungefly is not an inexpensive one, in general, but it is if you are comparing it to a Dooney and Bourke or Coach bag! This purse costs $99.95 plus shipping. If you are interested in taking a closer look, you can find it HERE. Enjoy, fellow fashionistas!

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