Disney Discovery- Many Moods of Tinker Bell T-Shirt

When there are no words, thank heavens for emojis!

They take the guesswork out of brain farts and thinking. They also turn an awkward text brigade into neutral territory.

Our favorite little pixie – Tinker Bell, like an emoji, conveys a gamut of emotions just with her sass.

Today’s Disney Discovery is the Many Moods of Tinker Bell T-Shirt.

This v-neck t-shirt features four faces, or mug shots, of Tinker Bell: one of shock, one of indifference, one of annoyance, one of anger. Read as: your current mood is all of the above and beware people to get testy with you!

Take your pick! This t-shirt comes in your choice of black or navy.

Next time someone asks you “how are you?” and you’re stumped or just not wanting to chat, say it with your t-shirt. Tink will give them the message(s) like the trusty sidekick she is.

If you love the Many Moods of Tinker Bell T-Shirt as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $25. Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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