Disney Discovery- Mickey And Minnie Wedding Rings

I have shared his and her wedding bands before and they were fabulous! I was on a mission to find more and I did just that! These are different yet fabulous in their own right. Today’s Disney discovery are Mickey and Minnie wedding rings¬†

2016-01-05 03_27_43-7mm Kissing Mickey&Minnie _I Love Her_ _I Love Him_ Engrave Flat Couple Rings Me

I will tell you that, for the price, this is seemingly for one ring at a time. The way you order them backs that up. I will also tell you that the price, even ordering individually, is even more affordable than the other set I shared!! Didn’t think that was possible.

Let’s talk design.The Minnie ring is a simple band with Minnie puckering up and is inscribed with the words “I love him.” Mickey is also puckering up on the men’s ring and it is inscribed with “I love her.” I love the sentiment and the simplicity of both these rings. These rings are made from stainless steel which means they are super durable!

I mentioned the price being great before and I am back to that point. These rings are $12.99 each!! Seriously! I don’t even think they need to be exclusively wedding bands! They can be a great Valentine’s day gift for that special someone, as well! If you want to check them out closer, you can find them HERE. Enjoy, fashionistas!

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