Disney Discovery- Mickey Canvas Tote Bag

When I saw today’s Disney discovery, I had to look twice. This tote bag is not made by Disney but it sure looks like it could be!  It reminded me of the necklace I saw at Ann Taylor Loft last fall. It was clear as day that the design was Mickey silhouettes but it wasn’t intended to be that way. Today’s Disney discovery is a Mickey canvas tote bag.

2016-06-13 05_27_59-Cocoly Women Leisure Casual Canvas Handbag Purse Shoulder Crossbody Messenger Sl

Do you see what I see? This is clearly a Mickey pattern. In fact, even the creators of this bag call it a black and white Mickey bag. I am not sure how they legally get away with it but that’s not really our concern. This canvas tote would make a great travel bag or even a beach bag. I have a bag like this with the strong handles and I love it! It is so sturdy and holds up well! I am never afraid something is going to be too heavy. I use it for all my errands and now I can get this one, too!

You may wonder why I would want another canvas tote, aside from the fact that it is Disney related. The fact is that this bag is $19.99 which is a steal! You can find it HERE, with more details. Check it out and happy shopping!

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