Disney Discovery- Mickey Mouse Floor Mat Set

I finally have my dream car. I love it and drive it with pride. I try to keep it clean and take excellent care of it but the bottom line is I basically live in my car. I am always on the go. It is really hard to keep the floor mats ((that came with the car) clean! I do my best but it’s a challenge. I think I may have found an affordable solution…… all the while being able to show my Disney Side. I mean, if my antenna topper wasn’t enough to show my Disney Side, these will certainly do the trick. Today’s Disney discovery is the Mickey Mouse floor mat set.




I love these Mickey Mouse floor mats! They are super cute and also easy  to clean, which I admit I need. As you can see, they have the grooves in the center to help collect dirt. That is something that my carpet mats don’t have… and they can get quite dirty. I am hoping these will help make the process a bit easier. They are supposed to have a “nibbed” underside which helps the mats not to slip. I admit, I don’t have these yet, but that would certainly be helpful. No one wants their floor mats sliding all over the place.

The thing that attracted me to them, almost as much as the Mickey design, was the price. The set of both driver and passenger mats is only $20!!!! That’s crazy! For only $20 I can show my Disney Side and keep my car clean! If you have been looking for a way to show your Disney Side in your car, you can find these HERE. Happy shopping!

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  • I just bought a new car and saw these on DF. Bought them and I am totally happy! Excellent price, quick delivery and they are adorable and functional. They are a bit thinner than some of the other floor mats available but for the price they are a great deal and lots of fun.

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