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Disney Discovery- Mickey Mouse Sparkling Car Air Freshener

I knew, when I saw today’s Disney discovery, that I had to order it!! I also knew there was a chance you would want to do the same, so I am filling you in. I love sparkle and I love my car to smell fabulous. I suck at keeping my car super clean so at least it can smell good!! Let’s take a look at today’s Disney discovery, the Mickey Mouse sparkling car air freshener!


If you are thinking that you’ve seen this before, that could be true OR you may be confusing it with the Mickey Mouse Crystal flash drive we showed in the past  (which is no longer available, btw). There are different refill packs you can buy and the Mickey Mouse sparkling air freshener itself comes with one refill, from what I can decipher. These are of the same design as those made by Glade, where you clip them to your vent and the airflow from the vent makes the scent travel throughout the car. With this air freshener, though, you also get to show your Disney Side!!

This air freshener comes in a set of 2 with 2 scent packs for only $19.99. That’s less than I paid for the one I got from Bath and Body Works and that one was not Disney! I bought the purple one seen above! If you like, you could keep one for yourself and give the other to another Disney lover… or keep them both for yourself! If you decide to check them out, you can find them HERE. Enjoy, fashionistas!

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