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Disney Discovery- Mickey Mouse Wallet Flip Stand Cell Phone Case

I noticed a lot of people having cases that were not just protective but acting as a wallet on this last trip to Disney. I guess I had never really given much thought to having a cell phone case that can be multi-functional. I am changing my thought process. Today’s Disney discovery is the Mickey Mouse wallet flip stand cell phone case.

2015-11-09 09_59_29-Amazon.com_ iPhone 6 Wallet Case[4.7 inch], Onelee - Mickey Mouse Premium PU Lea

I ¬†think this case is adorable for any Disney addict. This cell phone case acts as a wallet, flip stand, protective case… and it’s stylish to boot. It even has a wrist strap so it can be used as a wristlet! It is for an iPhone 6, which means I can’t use it, but I thought perhaps all those Apple product lovers out there would totally be able to use it!

I think this would make a fabulous Christmas present! It is on sale right now for $13.99 from $38.99. I love huge sales like that! If you think you want this for yourself or you know someone who will love it as a holiday gift, you can find it HERE. Happy shopping!

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