Disney Discovery- Mickey or Minnie Mouse Shower Head

I was trying to think of ideas for the Disney addict that has everything. I have a few of those to shop for this holiday season and it makes it difficult! After I showed a picture of the Mickey and Minnie shower heads I found , people went crazy with comments and opinions so I thought maybe this was the answer. Some people loved them while others thought it looked like they were “snotting” all over you. I was pretty amused at the response they received so I decided they would make a great conversation starter. Let’s take a closer look!

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Both of these shower heads have 15 water spray combinations which I think is awesome. I have one now that I thought was great and it only has 5! These have a diverter in them which allows you to use both shower heads at the same time or just one. It’s like a dual shower head. There’s even a comfort control lever for people who are sensitive to water pressure. The handle, as you can see, has a rubber finger grip which makes it less likely that you will drop it in the shower. Now, I understand that people think it may be creepy to have Mickey or Minnie in the shower with you or that it looks like they are sneezing on you. When I saw them, I just thought they were cute.

I am not sure why one is more than the other but that is the case. The Mickey shower head is available here for $55.98 plus shipping. The Minnie Mouse shower head is actually more expensive at $59.99 with free shipping and can be found HERE.

I hope this answers any questions you may have had about them and gives you the opportunity to purchase them if you so desire. They would make a great gift for the Disney addict that has everything! Happy shopping and stay clean!

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