Disney Discovery- Minnie & Mickey Festive Kiss T-Shirt

Fa la la la…oh. It’s not December?

Well, it sure feels like it! From the plentiful Starbucks holiday offerings to the towns and shops all-a-glow with plentiful holiday abundance, it sure feels like the holidays are right here.

We’ve still got a bit of time – which is great, it gives us more time to discover the perfect gift for our loved ones and to savor the holiday decor. If you haven’t given into the holiday spirit just yet, it’s time to get with it, or at least plan accordingly!

Today’s Disney Discovery is the Minnie & Mickey Festive Kiss T-Shirt.

This festive t-shirt comes in both men and women’s sizes, allowing you to match your S.O. Color options include navy, red, “silver” grey, dark heather, and heather blue.

Depending on how matchy matchy you want to be with your beau or family, you can stick with the same color tees or switch it up and just match in design.

If you love the Minnie & Mickey Festive Kiss T-Shirt as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $20. Happy shopping, fashionistas.