Disney Discovery- Minnie Mouse Ceramic Pet Bowl

I just got back from Disneyland and I was actually disappointed with the new pet line they have released. You see, the collection itself is amazing BUT they have left out cats. I have talked about this before, this isn’t new, but I have a newly restored anger towards the fact that my cat, Walt Disney, can’t have any of the new Disney pet products! Today’s Disney discovery allows me to give Walt a little something to make up for this fact. Today’s Disney discovery is the Minnie Mouse ceramic pet bowl.

There’s really not a lot to explain. This is a ceramic pet bowl that is not too big in size. The ones from the new Disney pet collection are just too large for my Walt but this bowl is the perfect size!! I could get 2 and use one for food and one for water! I love Minnie Mouse so, the fact that she is the character on these bowls, just makes me happy. I don’t think Walt will mind, either.
These aren’t overly expensive either! This bowl is $14.00 with free shipping on orders over $35. Not to bad, right?? If you want to check it out more closely, you can find it HERE. Take care of your little fur babies, fashionistas!

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