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Disney Discovery- Minnie Mouse Couture OPI Nail Polish

I haven’t really “discovered” any beauty products I felt the need to share in my Disney discoveries but today is an exception. Recently, I Disney bounded as Minnie Mouse for the Oscar Party that I had and found myself looking for that perfect shade of nail polish. Well, I found one that would do but today’s Disney discovery would have solved all my problems. Let’s take a look at today’s Disney discovery, Minnie Mouse Couture OPI Nail Polish.


The exact title of this 4 polish mini OPI set is Couture de Minnie and some of you may recognize it. It’s actually from 2013. I tried to get my hands on it back then but it sold out quite quickly. I managed to find a buyer on Amazon that still has 5 sets available!! I find this incredible! I love the entire color collection and thought you might too. The color names are A Definite Moust-Have, Magazine Cover Mouse, Chic From Ears to Tails and Innie Minnie Mightie Bow. That’s the crazy fun thing about OPI names, they are part of the fun! I think this collection is chic and it would be the perfect accent to any couture collection.

The best part about this set is that it is on sale for $9.00. Many merchants have actually increased the price because of the limited availability but not this merchant! They dropped the price! If you would love to be chic and you deserve to wear couture, you can find this Minnie Mouse Couture OPI Nail Polish set here. Stay fashionable and happy shopping!

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