Disney Discovery- Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Seat Covers

Decorating your car to show your Disney Side is much easier than I used to think. In fact, there are so many different choices out there, you can really go with whatever design suits you more. I have shared many Mickey Mouse designs but I am feeling my girl Minnie today. Today’s Disney discovery is a set of Minnie Mouse polka dot seat covers.


I love these Minnie Mouse seat covers for many reasons but I am going to start with the neck rest. It’s a bow! It’s a bow with Mickey on it! I adore the fact that Minnie Mouse’s style was incorporated into this look with not only the polka dots but also with the bow. The seat covers shown are in black and that really allows for Minnie’s red dress to pop but the seat covers also come in red! Believe it or not, the red still allows for Minnie’s dress to stand out.

These car seat covers are currently on sale for $185 for the set which is 38% off. I do love a great sale! If you would like to check these out, or see which color you like better, you can find them HERE. Happy shopping!


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