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Disney Discovery- Minnie Mouse Rubber iPhone Purse Case

I am going out on a limb with today’s Disney discovery because I think it is super weird and fabulous. Strange combination, I know, but I really think it is a unique find. Everyone is always busy looking for new and different cell phone cases. I show them every once in a while and there are always tons of people who like them. Well, what if I found a cell phone case that looks like a super cool accessory…. like a purse!! Today’s Disney discovery is the Minnie Mouse rubber iPhone purse case.


How adorable is this, first of all??? I saw it and thought to myself “Is that a rubber purse?!?! Why would Disney make that?!?” Then I turned it over and realized what it was. I’ve seen cell phone cases that look like books before but I have never seen anything quite like this. I love it. I don’t have an iPhone, so it does me no good, but if I did, this would be mine just based on principal. It looks like a purse!! It even functions as a purse, to an extent. People do everything with their phones now a days, including banking. This cell phone case could be all you need if you do everything via phone and you could still carry it as if you had a purse!!!! I love the red and white polka dot design, as I feel I state frequently, and I like the gold accent. Minnie Mouse’s silhouette in the corner doesn’t hurt either.

I am sure you are all wondering how much something like this costs. I won’t lie, it’s not super cheap. It is Disney and acts as an accessory and a cell phone case. This Minnie Mouse rubber iPhone purse case is $54. It’s really quite reasonable for something durable and fun. If you would like to check it out further, I found it HERE. Stay fashionable, fashionistas!

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