Disney Discovery- Petunia Pickle Bottom Lion King Cooler

Got a lotta sh…tuff, fashionistas?

Hakuna Matata. It’s all about how you organize it. And organizing should always be done stylized.

Today’s Disney Discovery is the Petunia Pickle Bottom Lion King Cooler.


Petunia Pickle Bottom is known for its fashionable diaper bags and accessories.

But wait… you don’t have to be a fashionista mama or mama-to-be to partake in the PPB wonders. Everyone could use a hand at better organizing, and PPB offers just that with its various size and shape zip cubes.

This PPB Lion King print is subtle, featuring a palette of cream and brown with a stark dark brown zip closure. The Aztec print features swirls and zigzags, but look close and one will notice Simba and friends taking on Pride Rock.

It is constructed of wipe-able, glazed, coated cotton and an insulated, antimicrobial PEVA interior. It has a top zip closure with a flap front and top-grab handle. With purchase, you will also receive a corresponding plastic wipes case and changing pad.

This item is considered a cooler, but it is SO. MUCH. MORE. It can carry bottles of milk and grab-on-the-go snacks for the tot. Not a mama? Again, no fears! Gift the changing pad to a friend and use the wipes case for small mentionables like chapstick, sanitizer, hair ties, gum/mints, Air pods, change, a dog’s poop bags, etc. And though it is called a cooler, stretch your imagination, fashionistas! Use it as a cooler, as a make-up tote, as a lunch/snackbag… you name it and it can be just that.

With this cute of a print, how could you deny yourself!?

If you love the Petunia Pickle Bottom Lion King Cooler as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $29. Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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