Disney Discovery- Princess Passport Bag

Are you like me when it comes to bags you will bring with you into Disney Parks? If it’s not a cross body style bag or fanny pack, I won’t bring it to the Parks. Period. I have gathered quite the collection of Disney Dooney and Bourke letter carrier bags but, shockingly, money doesn’t grow on trees. I found a solution. Today’s Disney discovery is a Princess passport bag.

2017-01-29 _ Disney Princess Passport Bag _ Passport Wallets

2017-01-29 _ Disney Princess Passport Bag _ Passport Wallets

I have shared a Mickey version of this bag before and people really loved it but I am a Princess girl at heart and this one really speaks to me. I love the artwork! The Princesses look so glamorous! There is just the right amount of color in this bag that would make it super versatile for any fashionista. I like that it has multiple compartments because I like to keep things separate and organized. It kind of reminds me of a Dooney and Bourke bag because it is all about placement with these Princesses. It’s just a fun bag!

This Princess passport bag doesn’t come anywhere close to the cost of a Dooney and Bourke bag. This bag is only $12.64 with free shipping! If you love these fashionable Princesses and want to take a closer look at the bag, you can find it HERE. Happy shopping, fashionistas!


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