Disney Discovery- Retro Mini Mickey Shoulder Bag

Today’s Disney Discovery involves another handbag but this one, to me, is more of an errand bag. I could see myself using it to go to  get groceries, run errands, or head to a Disney Park. It has that vintage Mickey pattern  that any true Disney addict would love. So let’s get some details on the Retro Mini Mickey Shoulder Bag.

2016-03-05 01_51_51-Disney Mickey Label Pattern Canvas Mini Shoulder Bag Retro Messenger Bag 014_ Ha

This Mickey patterned bag is a shoulder bag  that can also be used as a letter carrier style bag. The brown faux leather trim gives it an almost carpet bag feel to me which I like. It reminds me of Mary Poppins and who doesn’t love Mary??  There is a pocket in the front of the bag and one on the inside, if you are a pocket lover, which I am, I like a pocket inside for my lipstick and one outside for my keys but that’s just me.

This bag is also on sale at this time, which makes it even more intriguing! It is normally $72.99 but right now it is $57.99 with free shipping!  What do you think of this bag? Does it look like something you’d want to have? If so, click here for the details!

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