Disney Discovery- Set of 12 Silver Sequin Mickey Ears

What’s better than one? BOGO. For those who don’t know the joys of BOGO, it stands for BUY ONE, GET ONE. This often refers to grocery store items and my favorite, sushi.

What’s better than BOGO? Wait, what!? There’s something even better?! YEAH! A set of 12… one for you and ALL of your friends. Go on, fashionistas, make like Oprah and spread the love of ears to all!

Let’s face it, everyone ought to have a pair of ears. And ultimate squad goals is coordinating your outfits and/or ears.

Today’s Disney Discovery is the Set of 12 Silver Sequin Mickey Ears.

This set of 12 silver sequin ears comes at a major steal of a price.

These come without the pictured bow, allowing you to flex a bit of DIY. Add a flourish of your own ribbon.

If you love the Set of 12 Silver Sequin Mickey Ears as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $14. Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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