Disney Discovery- Triangle Mickey Handbag

Today’s Disney discovery is so fun and different! I saw it back earlier this summer but it sold out so quickly I wasn’t able to share it. It’s back and in 6 different colors! Today’s Disney discovery is a triangle shaped Mickey handbag.


Is this not completely different than anything you have ever seen? It is for me! It is from overseas, so that could be why. This bag is a small to medium sized, triangle shaped handbag with Mickey silhouettes on all sides, even the bottom! The handbag comes in 6 different colors which means, if you really love it, you could totally grab it in a couple of different colors to go with more of your wardrobe. Perhaps, you could grab different colors for different seasons.

This Mickey Mouse handbag is $48.35 with free shipping. That’s pretty on point with a nice accessory piece, without a designer name. I found it HERE, if you are interested in checking it out closer or learning the dimensions. Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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