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Disney Flannels From Uniqlo Will Keep You Warm This Season!

I remember last year, prior to heading on a Disney Cruise to Alaska, reading about how “lumberjack chic” was the style. It was super on trend and that was the route to go. Well, it looks like it is back for more but, this season, we are just calling it the plaid trend. Whatever it is, I love these new Disney flannels from Uniqlo! They tie the on trend fashion of plaid with Disney and Star Wars and you just can’t go wrong with that!

mickey_mouse_flannel goods_167199_sub1 mickeymouse_flannel

yoda_flannel wookie_flannel starwars_flannel

As you can see, many of the designs are actually for men this time around! There are plenty for women and kids as well but this is one collection with men in mind. I love that there are different colors of plaid, different sizes of the checkered boxes and different characters used. I would definitely say that Mickey is the star of the Disney show, whereas there is seemingly a shirt for everyone in the Star Wars department. Regardless, these are sure to keep that special Disney loving man in your life super comfy and warm this season!

goods_63_163174 mickey_flannelgoods_09_167197

What about you, you may ask. I told you there were choices for you and I wasn’t kidding. I find these patterns much softer and the colors less bold. That works for me, although who doesn’t love some red and black, lumberjack checkered shirts every once in a while? Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse can be found on much of the women’s collection. I like that there are choices.

Whether you like the plaid trend or not, it’s hard to deny it is here for this season. Even Target has a commercial centered around this fashion trend. What do you think of the new Uniqlo Disney and Star Wars flannels? Are you excited to check them out? let us know what you think in the comment box below!



Thanks to Disney Style Blog for the pics!

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  • Hi there! I really like the blue Mickey Mouse flannel in the first image on the page, but I can’t find it anywhere! In fact, I can’t find ANY of the men’s flannels to purchase. Little help?

  • I went to the page and there are still a few of the flannels but only one that I mentioned. My guess is, since it has been over a month, they no longer have them in stock…especially since they are having a sale. Perhaps a local store? Sorry it’s not better news!