Disney Pandora Fall Collection Sneak Peeks

Disney Pandora Fall Collection

The lovely Dora from The Art of Pandora has revealed a sneak peek at the new Disney Pandora Fall Collection! Oh fashionistas we are in for a treat with these upcoming pieces, there is even a Mickey key pendant necklace coming soon!

There are three new charms, and a pendant coming for the fall collection. Plus the Art of Pandora also had a sneak peek at a very special holiday piece!

With Food & Wine Festival season upon us, this Epcot inspired bead is a perfect autumn release. The bead itself has geometric designs on it just like Spaceship Earth. There is an enamel design of the horizon of the World Showcase, and tiny blue gems finish off the beautiful Epcot look.

UPDATE- This is no longer a sneak peek…. it is AT Epcot right now to show and goes on sale tomorrow!

Animal Kingdom will finally be getting more Pandora love! A beautiful scrollwork bead with the logo will be offered, and woven within the designs are a silver elephant, turtle, owl, squirrel, buffalo, fish and lion.


Unlock the kingdom with this stunning Disney Key pandora charm. It has a rose gold bail, and tiny little jewels add sparkle on the bail, around the castle, and even on the Mickey key edge. This is a must-have for me!

Did someone say key to the kingdom? This Mickey inspired “antique” key is truly stunning. Vines twist around the top to create a Mickey, and the teeth of the key is actually a Disney Castle! This is a truly breathtaking piece.

Lastly, we have a holiday sneak peek…

The Disney Castle has been wrapped up in a Christmas bow for this charm, literally! A beautiful red enamel ribbon is topped off with a jewel-encrusted bow, just for the holidays. The bail even has a jeweled red bow too! This is a beautiful way to commemorate a Disney holiday!

We do not have official release dates for the new Disney Pandora Fall Collection, but the Fall season at Disney is almost here, so keep an eye out for these stunning new pieces!


Thanks to TheArtofPandora for these incredible pics!

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