Disney Park Exclusive Christmas Merchandise Was Created With Disney Fashionistas In Mind

I have a confession to make:  I’m one of those people who secretly loves to see Christmas decorations pop up in stores in September.  While most of the world is complaining that it’s way too early for trees and candy canes, I’m happily strolling the aisles and sipping peppermint lattes.  There’s just something about seeing twinkling lights and shiny baubles that soothes me from the inside out.  So imagine just how excited I get when Disney decorates and puts out their Christmas merchandise. I could spend hours just walking through the shops and enjoying the charming displays. (Okay, so maybe I have spent a few hours doing that.)

Each year, Disney manages to come up with new pieces for the holidays, and each year, I manage to find something I can’t live without!  This year, it’s a pair of holiday ears. The ears are black, but they are covered in iridescent sequins that give off different jewel tones when the light hits them. The bow is a red and black plaid, and while I haven’t been able to confirm it, I’m almost certain that the bow matches the lining of the Dooney and Bourke Disney Christmas bag. I adore these ears, and while I’ve been able to resist so far, they will probably find their way into my closet soon.
And speaking of the Dooney and Bourke bag, this shirt is a perfect match!  The color scheme and design echo the pattern on the bag. I love the muted colors and the sweet holiday kiss!
One of the reasons why I love Minnie Mouse so much is because of her bows, and these holiday bow pajamas are adorable! They are also quite soft to the touch and feel like they would be warm and cozy. Wouldn’t these be perfect for opening presents on Christmas morning? I saw these in the Emporium on Main Street for $49.99.
Another cozy shirt I saw was this adorable gray Mickey sweatshirt.  It is unbelievably soft; it almost feels like a fleece blanket.  This shirt has a retro feel to it, and to make it even better, Mickey’s Santa hat has a poof on the end! How adorable is this?! This shirt costs $49.99 and can also be found in the Emporium (for now, but I’m thinking it will soon be found in my closet.)
For the tiny Fashionistas, I found two adorable dresses that will melt your heart. The first is the Christmas Minnie Mouse costume dress.  This dress has Minnie’s iconic dots, but it is made in the style of a Mrs. Claus dress.  Although this is technically a costume, it isn’t made of the itchy material that we see in most of the princess costumes. This could easily double as festive holiday wear for a party or family gathering.
My favorite of the two mini-Fashionista dresses features the same plaid pattern as the ears that I showed earlier, and we all know how I feel about those! This dress features a red bodice with an ice-skating Minnie, which by the way, is another design that also appears on the Christmas Dooney and Bourke.  The skirt and sleeves are plaid, and it’s all tied together with a black velveteen bow. This dress looks like a traditional holiday dress with a Disney twist.  And paired with the ears, it makes an outfit any little girl would feel like a princess while wearing! This was also found at the Emporium and costs $39.99.
Which of this year’s seasonal merchandise will you be incorporating into your holiday wardrobe? Some of these items can be found at the Disney Store online! Comment below and tell us your favorite!
Special thanks to our guest blogger, Lindsay East! Lindsay is a teacher by day and a Disney princess by night. She enjoys visiting the parks with her husband and their two children. She is lucky enough to live close to Disney World but hasn’t yet managed to move into the castle.

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