Disney Park Exclusive Pandora Charms For Spring 2017 Sneak Peek!

Mora Pandora has done it again, just a couple of short weeks after the last sneak peek of the 2017 Spring Disney Pandora charms. This time, we have the Disney Park Exclusive Pandora Charms for Spring 2017! I cannot wait for my Spring trip to Walt Disney World!

There are a lot of uncertainties with this collection but those lie with the names of the charms and which Parks will feature which charms. For example, will the North American Disney Parks carry the Shellie May and Duffy charms, as they are more of a Tokyo Disney type charm? We don’t know yet. Mora Pandora isn’t sure about this either so, with those uncertainties in mind, we are going to move on to the details of the charms because we know those for sure.

I mentioned in the last preview of 2017 Disney Pandora charms that there was word on a teacup charm and here it is! I am dying! My wedding was themed completely around the whimsical Mad Hatter theme and this charm is perfect for me.

I also like the fact that there are 4 dangle charms in the new releases. I like to add that kind of dimension to my Pandora bracelet. The Disney Cruise ship might be my favorite. I am an avid Disney cruiser and I am always checking out the new charms to add to my collection. I don’t have a dangle cruise charm yet!

The other 2 charms I am going to talk about are the ones that bring me back to my childhood. Even to this day, Fantasyland is my favorite section of my favorite Disney Park. The Dumbo ride and the Carousel are 2 of the very first attractions I remember riding. I really like the color pop on the Dumbo but the Mickey silhouettes on the top of the Carousel are extraordinary. How does one choose between all the great options?

We don’t have a release date yet for these Spring 2017 Disney Park Exclusive Pandora charms but I would assume anywhere from Mid March (like the rest of the 2017 Spring charms) through early April. With all of the Spring Breakers and family vacations taking place at that time, it just makes sense.

Which is your favorite of the new Spring 2017 Disney Park Exclusive Pandora charms? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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