Disney Parks Starbucks Christmas Holiday Mugs Available!!

I recently shared with you the new Disney Parks Starbucks Christmas tree ornaments that became available… a few days after I left the Parks. I promise I’m getting over my bitterness. It turns out there is also a Disney Parks Starbucks Christmas holiday mug available now!!!

2015-11-15 10_28_27-Disney Parks Starbucks Christmas Holiday Mug – Mouse to Your House

This is one of those large mugs which I prefer. They hold way more coffee and, sometimes, I am need of way more coffee. Even the box it comes in is cute!

2015-11-15 10_29_23-Disney Parks Starbucks Christmas Holiday Mug – Mouse to Your House 2015-11-15 10_30_24-Disney Parks Starbucks Christmas Holiday Mug – Mouse to Your House

I think it’s perfect how the design is all done in different shades of green and red. I saw three hidden Mickey’s without even trying to find them. This would make a sweet gift for any Disney addict that also loves coffee!

These mugs are just like all the other Disney Parks Starbucks merchandise, in that they are only available at the Disney Parks or through 3rd party vendors. If you are wanting them and don’t plan to be there, you can find them HERE, at Mouse To Your House! Happy holidays, fashionistas!!


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