Disney Princess Clock Unlike Any Other!

I love finding unique Disney items. I am sure most of you are thinking that a Disney Princess clock is far from unique but I promise you this one is unlike any other you have seen. I actually had to take a second and third look at it to get the complete Disney princess feel. I think it is awesome!


I know it’s a bunch of words but look at what they say! Each hour says something different and relates to a particular princess! This is what the website says about this Princess inspired clock:

”¬†This Disney-inspired clock honors the Disney princesses by suggesting what you can do each hour to be just like them. (Some will be easier than others, such as taking a short nap as opposed to saving China. The nice thing is, as a princess you get to decide what suggestions to take!) ”

The following are the different choices in color:

“The white clock face on the white, deep hot pink, black, and silver frames has a subtle confetti print in all colors, so matching it to your decor is easy. Or, if you want something splashier, choose one of the bright faces on the white background!”

This clock is probably better for the teen or older Disney addict, as little ones can’t necessarily appreciate the fabulousness of this clock. It is available online for $21 at this great etsy store called LetterThings. You can find it HERE.

What do you think of this unique Princess clock? Can you figure out which hour related to which Princess? The answers are on the store’s page, if you want to check your answers. Happy shopping!!

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