Disney Princess Wet Brushes Now Available At Kohl’s!

Disney Princess Wet Brushes

I’ve been a long time fan of Wet Brush brushes, and I have always wanted them to make Disney styles. It looks like my wish has finally come true because Disney Princess Wet Brushes are now a reality. These gorgeous new brushes are available now at Kohl’s!



The brushes are available in six different princess styles. You’ll find Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Snow White brushes. The princesses are featured on enchanting background designs with vibrant colors. The brushes are officially licensed Disney Princesses and are available online for $12.99. Wet Brush brushes have ultra-soft bristles that glide effortlessly through tangles with ease. They are also designed to minimize pain and protect against split ends and breakage.


Snow White dazzles with a shiny red apple in hand. The background is red and yellow apples, with blue Snow White silhouettes.


Ariel makes a splash on a bed of blue and green seashells. Silhouettes of her and Flounder can be seen peeking behind her.


Belle proudly holds a book at her side, with an enchanting rose background. The spellbound residents of the castle can be found as silhouettes in the background.

Cinderella is a dream come true on a backdrop of blue pumpkins. Cinderella also makes an appearance as silhouettes in different poses.

Jasmine makes a wish upon teal and purple lotus blooms. Abu joins Jasmine as purple silhouettes on the background of this brush.



Pocahontas stands boldly among colorful leaves. Silhouettes of her running through the forest can be found in the background as well.

I’ve been a die hard Wet Brush fan for many years, and they are actually the only brush I will use. So naturally, I am overjoyed to finally be able to get Disney ones! You’ll find the Disney Princess Wet Brushes online at Kohl’s. Currently, they are online only, but we’re hoping they eventually come to stores.

Will you be adding one of these Disney Princess brushes to your vanity?

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