Disney Reminds Us To Go Live Our Dreams

Everyone knows that Walt Disney was a  dreamer that was persistent in bringing his dreams to life. I am in the midst of planning my dream Disney wedding at this moment, all while living my dream as a pediatric nurse AND sharing my love of Disney and shopping with the world through this blog. I know about living my dreams. I decided I wanted to share that theme with my bridal party.


I know there are lots of different ways to go with bridal party gifts and I plan to share my list of ideas with you in the future. These bangles from OhDarlingJewelry on Etsy, were perfect for my Disney wedding. I wanted to give the lovely ladies celebrating with me a little reminder of my special day and I found this particular bangle to be perfect because I am living my dream by marrying the man of my dreams!

We have a few elements of Tangled in our wedding, as well, so this truly fits. I am thrilled with my choice and I can hardly wait to see the ladies’ faces when they open them.

These would be perfect for anyone living their dreams. It doesn’t have to be wedding inspired. I can picture giving this as a gift to any Disney addict! If you head on over to OhDarlingJewelry you can find exactly what you are looking for! Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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