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Disney Runway Shoe Ornaments – Fashion For Your Christmas Tree!



When the Disney Runway Shoe Ornaments made their first appearance a couple of years ago, I was very excited. One of my favorite things in life is shoes. I have an entire closet that was built around my shoe collection! I have floor to ceiling glass shelves to display my very carefully selected shoe collection. I feel like I need to purchase a new Disney Christmas tree that will do the Disney Runway Shoe Ornaments I’ve collected justice! I sometimes wonder if I’m the only person who feels this way about shoes and then I realize, no way, there are a ton of us! So, enlighten me, and let me tell you about my favorite shoe ornaments, why they are my favorites and about the latest and greatest that has been added to the collection.

I’m going to start with the newest ornament that has just been recently released because it has become instantly one of my faves. With the release of Maleficent this year and it’s great success, it is no wonder that the latest release is based on the story of Sleeping Beauty (above). The 3 good fairies are being represented by their very own shoe! This shoe represents all 3 fairies by containing each of their colors prominently: blue, green and pink. The shoe cleverly uses one of their wands as the heel and the peak of their hats can be seen in the bow detail on the front. The touch of their wings on the back of the shoe help to make this a very magical ornament for any tree.

The next shoe I adore is one of another well known shoe lover, Miss Piggy. Miss Piggy has never hidden the fact that she adores shoes… almost as much as she adores Kermit. She knows style better than most and she’s even been a judge on Project Runway. The shoe which represents her is one she can be proud of.  The textures of the fabric on the ornament and the attention to detail, like using animal print which she loves and the gems to add sparkle, make this shoe a stand out. The pearls to represent her necklace along the front and her hair and ears of the back of the shoe give this ornament the character Miss Piggy is famous for. It is a true gem of an ornament.


The last shoe I will mention is one that took me by surprise when I realized how much I liked it. The ‘Mu-shoe’ represents Mulan and this is represented not only in the color but in the character detail of the shoe. Mushu is wrapped around the heel of the shoe adding humor to the very serious looking red and gold Chinese color representation. The texture of the shoe is reminiscent of a Chinese dragon as well. Mulan’s flower, that we see in her hair during the beginning of the movie, is elegantly placed as almost an embellishment on the front of the shoe. I feel like this ornament is a nice amalgamation of both of the main characters of the movie and that makes this shoe a little different from the rest, in my opinion. Which means I must have it.


These are the three ornaments of the Disney Runway Shoe Ornament Collection that I do not have as of yet.  The next time I am at Disney, which is fortunately very soon, I plan to add these three to my ever growing collection.

What do You all think of this collection? Which shoes are a must have for you? Let me know in the comment box below!

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