Disney Tea Cup Inspired Dress To Help Celebrate Your Unbirthday!

Admittedly, I think the Disney tea cup dress I am sharing with you today was originally chosen by me for my bachelorette tea but, the more I thought about it, I realized that everyone could wear it any one of the 364 days a year that is your unbirthday!  This dress is fun and whimsical and exactly what I wanted to wear on my unbirthday/bachelorette day!


To be perfectly honest, the store on Etsy, ShopWishesAndWands, has any Disney inspired look you could possibly hope for. I have shared their dresses before and people always go crazy for them. I wore one of their dresses on my last trip (also inspired by the tea cups but completely different) and I was stopped many times by people inquiring about it!

The fabric used in these dresses is super light weight and I found mine to be cool in the 90+ degree weather. The fact that the particular dresses I bought, with the tea cup theme, are white probably helped keep them cooler. They were comfortable and perfectly themed for my whimsical/ mad hatter wedding and bachelorette tea party!

If you are wanting to celebrate your unbirthday, or have a love of tea parties and Alice In Wonderland, you need to check out ShopWishesAndWands for all your needs! You will not be disappointed! Happy shopping, fashionistas and happy unbirthday!

Disclaimer - As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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