Disney Themed Temporary Tattoos Are Perfect For Any Bachelorette Party

Have you ever considered getting a tattoo but are worried about the whole “it’s permanent” factor? Yeah, me too! That’s why temporary tattoos are so great! You can enjoy a fun style without having to worry about any regret. These Disney themed temporary tattoos are perfect for any bachelorette party or weekend getaway!

Choose between the Bride style or the Happily Ever After Crew style to complete your look.

These tattoos have a real gold foil shine (not those at home printed tattoos with the weird filmy coating). Plus, each tattoo is pre-cut and measures 2 inches by 2 inches. These are the perfect size for wearing on your wrist or ankle! They add just the right amount of shine and interest.

These temporary tattoos are super easy to apply and will last up to 5 days! Long after the hangover subsides, you’ll still have your beautiful gold tattoo to remember your party by. These tattoos are also waterproof, so go ahead and jump into that pool, splash in the ocean, or float down a lazy river.

You can find them HERE from Tats4now on Etsy. Enjoy, fashionistas!

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Monica V