Disney Villains Havaianas Coming Soon To Disney Springs

Something sinisterly stylish is coming to Disney Springs! We can look forward to new Disney Villains Havaianas flip flops coming out, just in time for Spring! The wickedly fabulous new kicks will soon be available at the Havaianas store in Disney Springs.

These new flops have a gorgeous artwork style and feature both the Villain and her Princess. The artwork on each shoe also blends together with it’s matching pair for a flawless look. If you haven’t worn Havaiana flip flops before, let me assure you they are definitely a comfy shoe to wear.

Disney Villains Havaianas

Ursula swims up close to Ariel on this pair of Havaianas. The girls are lit by red and green lighting from below, which casts an eerie underwater glow. Keeping with the rest of the color scheme, the straps for the flip flops are also purple.

Maleficent actually looks cheerful with Aurora on these Havaianas. They have a side lighting of hot pink, while Maleficent is cast in purple and neon green. Aurora has been given a pink dress, but with blue accents, that reminds me of her dress when it changes colors.

Lastly, we have the Evil Queen, and Snow White. The Evil Queen holds the iconic poison apple we all know so well, while Snow stands by innocently. Straps as red as Snow’s lips adorn these sinister kicks.

What do you think of these devious new Disney Villains Havaianas flip flops headed to Disney Springs? The Disney Princess ones last year came out at the end of February, so keep your eyes peeled for these very soon!

Image Source: Disney Springs

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