The Disney x Jansport Collection is Perfect For Back To School!

It was a couple of months ago that we shared the news of the latest Disney collab to release, Disney x Jansport. We had nothing to share except the news that it was coming. Now, we have pictures and I cannot even narrow it down to a couple of backpacks that I want! I don’t even use backpacks! Check out all the fabulous styles and prints! WOuldn’t these be perfect for back to school??

There are 11 styles of backpacks on the Jansport website! ELEVEN! I had no idea what all the differences are among them but thank goodness the website has a great description of each one. You will definitely be able to find exactly what you need. The design above is the High Stakes backpack. It comes in the 3 prints you see above. The pink backpack with Minnie strolling is my absolute favorite. This one speaks to me.

This is the Disney Superbreak design and it comes in 8 different prints. When I say 8 different prints, I mean it. They are different than the first design I shared with you. This means there are way too many choices of prints and my mind is spinning!

I think I may need to relive my early 20s and go on that backpacking trip through Europe I always wanted to do…. with this backpack! It’s made for that kind of thing and it’s perfectly Disney. It’s also neutral enough that I wouldn’t stand out. It’s $70 which is a great price for a heavy duty travel bag!

I will leave this last one with you before I send you off to the Jansport website to peruse the Disney x Jansport designs. I know you are going to want something. The above bag is for those that have a silly sense of humor. My step daughter would love this one.

Okay! It’s time for you to check out all the designs for yourself. You can find them all on the Jansport site as of now, no early access needed. What do you think of the new Disney x Jansport Collection? See something you would like? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!


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