Display All Of Your Favorite Ears With This Ear Holder

Nightmare Before Christmas Ear Holder 1

Mickey and Minnie Ears are not only fun to wear, but they are also really pretty!  They can be a fabulous way to add a little extra pixie dust to your home!  Because of this, I am always searching for new ways to display my sparkly Minnie Ear collection like this ear holder!

Nightmare Before Christmas Ear Holder 2

This Disney Ear & Headband Display Holder from ShopEarMagic on Etsy is a great way to keep all of your ears safely organized and displayed!  You can simply slide up to 6 pairs of ears onto the upholstered bar.  Plus, since the holder is made specifically for your ears, they won’t stretch out or slip off!  The holder can sit on a table or desk, or it can even hang from the wall with a bit of modification!

Nightmare Before Christmas Ear Holder 1

What makes this ear holder even more unique is that it is The Nightmare Before Christmas-themed!  The base is a black Mickey Mouse head with white and gray accents including a white spider web on one of the ears.  The words “Nightmare Before Christmas” are also printed in the classic movie font on the base.

Jack Skellinton Sally

The upholstered portion of the display is covered in a lovely stained-glass patterned fabric that features portraits of Jack Skellington and Sally.  This is the perfect ear display for The Nightmare Before Christmas fans!  Plus, it is a great way to decorate for the upcoming Halloween and Christmas seasons!

If you would like to add this fabulous ear display holder to your Disney decor, you can find it HERE!

What is your favorite way to display your ear collection?  Let us know in the comments below!

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