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Donald And Daisy Disney Egg Cups Are Quack-tastic

Disney Egg Cups

I have the fondest childhood memories of eating breakfast at my grandmother’s house. My grandmama as I called her, would serve a soft boiled egg balanced in a beautiful silver egg cup. These beautiful memories of nostalgia instantly flooded back to me when I spotted these Donald And Daisy Disney Egg Cups from Primark!

For a while now, I have been wanting to find egg cups that fit my style. So it is a bonus, that these delightful cups are inspired by Donald and Daisy! Who I am absolutely in love with by the way. These were available at European Primark locations, which are currently closed right now. Luckily we can still find them on sites like ebay! I have honestly never wanted a Disney kitchen accessory more than I want these.

These are ceramic cups that have been fashioned into the bottom halves of Donald and Daisy. Their feathery duck booties and adorable webbed feet are the perfect egg-cessory for breakfast. I would love to see a whole set inspired by all of the Mickey and Friends crew in the future too! A set of eight would be perfect, just sayin’.

What do you think of these fantastic Disney Egg Cups inspired by Donald and Daisy? I have to admit I’m feeling mighty jealous of European Primark!

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