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Dooney and Bourke Food and Wine Festival Purses Still Available!!


Dooney and Bourke is known to make different designed purses for Disney for different occasions, along with their everyday patterns that are carried online and at the stores around the parks. The designs made for special occasions are limited and only available at certain locations… and they sell out fast! This year’s Dooney and Bourke Food and Wine Festival bags are no exception. These bags are only available at the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival and they are quite unique. Let’s take a look at the different styles of this collection.


The first bag in the collection is the Cross Body Letter Carrier. I personally love this bag for it’s size because I can easily sling it over my shoulder and bring the basics around the park with me. Camera, lipstick, wallet and Food and Wine Passport so I can eat around the World, all fit in this bag with ease. The black background has colorful Chef Mickeys all over it and, as we all know, no Dooney and Bourke is identical. The pattern is always a little bit different.


The second bag  is the Dooney and Bourke Food and Wine Festival Satchel. This bag is a larger bag then the aforementioned which is perfect for the woman who likes to carry a little more with her. If you have need for more space this bag reminds me of Goldilocks… not too big and not to small. It can be carried by hand or over the shoulder. The pattern is identical in each style of bag with the Chef Mickeys always being placed a little differently. I personally love that my bag is a little different than everyone else’s.


The Tote/Shopper Bag is the largest in the collection is a standard type tote bag. It will fit more of your every day items in it and give you more freedom of space. Unlike the previously mentioned bags, this one cannot be worn across your body but it can be slung over your shoulder or carried by hand. I love the buckles on the front and the white stitching pops on the black.


The last style in the collection is also the smallest. This is the wristlet. This is perfect if you just want to carry the most simple of items with you. Lipstick, id, and a few smaller items will fit quite easily and wrap around your wrist as you head out on your adventure. The pattern is filled with the vibrant Chef Mickeys and black back drop. This bag can also be used as a wallet to insert into one of the larger bags!

I find this pattern quite addicting and perfect for fall and winter!

Many of these styles are sold out at the Epcot International Food and Wine festival but if you are interested in purchasing one, my personal shopper, Courtney, at mousetoyourhouse.com has all four styles available! Just click here and it will will connect you straight to her Epcot Food and Wine Festival bags that are still available.

What do you think of these bags? Do you have a favorite?

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