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E.L.F. Releases Belle Cosmetic Collection

I won’t say I told you so… okay, maybe I will. A while ago I told you all about the new Beauty and the Beast cosmetic cases that were released as well as the Orly nail polish for Belle. I predicted that the next thing to come would be the E.L.F. Belle Collection, if history repeats itself. I am happy to report that history did repeat itself, at least in this case! E.L.F. has it’s newest release of the Belle cosmetic collection!


As you can see above, there is a beauty book, eye shadow, blush, and lip glosses. The colors are actually quite lovely and range from more neutral tones to some blue and green hues. I made sure you could see the prices when I took the pictures because I find that to be an important factor. E.L.F. is quite an affordable line and I quite enjoy it as a fill in for my usual MAC cosmetics. I used the Frozen collection from E.L.F and found the pigmentation to be surprisingly good. I will admit I wasn’t expecting that from a drug store cosmetic counter.

elf belle cosmetics

If you aren’t familiar with the look books, allow me to explain. These kits come with 2 different eye looks complete with all the makeup, a cheek highlight and lip gloss. There are even how to instructions to create both looks. Everything you need is in this kit for $12.99. That’s quite impressive.

elf belle cosmetics

These are the eye shadows and the blush packages. The eye shadows range in color and allow you to create multiple different looks. They do not show you how to do them so you need to have some knowledge of color blending etc. These are different from the Frozen color palette, in case some of you think all the collections are the same. They are quite different. If you want to see the previous collection, you can see it HERE.

elf belle cosmetics

The colors for the lip glosses are much more neutral and wearable in my opinion. I enjoyed the ones from the Frozen collection but the pink was a little bright for me and the white was to plain. I love the hues from this collection.

The E.L.F. Belle Collection is exclusive to Walgreens and is available at mine now! If you are hoping to find it, I would check your local Walgreens as they are not yet online. What do you think of this new collection? Are you excited? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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