Ear Holders Will Be Your New Favorite Accessory

As a writer for a Disney fashion blog, I discover something almost daily that I “need.” But it isn’t often that I find something that I actually, literally NEED–something that makes my life (or at least my trips to the parks) a lot easier and more convenient. So, when I saw these new Ear Holders from Muffin Noodle Designs, I knew I was witnessing pure genius as well as Disney fashion!

I love my ears! I have quite the collection and I wear a pair almost every time I visit the parks. Ears add instant cuteness to any outfit! But they aren’t always practical on rides, and I don’t like wearing them while watching shows or parades because they block the view of those behind me. But then I’m left figuring out what to do with my ears. I don’t want them to get crushed in my bag, but holding them isn’t always convenient. But now, Muffin Noodle Designs has solved my problem!

The Mickey-shaped Ear Holders come in a variety of colors and finishes. They have a snap loop closure that fits around the center of the bow. Each one attaches to the bag with a lobster clasp and has a white felt backing. This means that they won’t scratch or leave color transfer on your bag. And they look pretty stinking cute even when they aren’t holding ears!

I recently tried out my Ear Holder at Animal Kingdom, and it totally lived up to my expectations! My ears stayed securely fastened to the holder, and I was able to ride Everest hands (and ear) free! I loved mine so much that I’m already planning on ordering a couple more in different colors. At only $15 per holder, I might get one to match each of my bags!

If you can’t wait to get your own Ear Holder, visit the Muffin Noodle Design Facebook page. You can even request your favorite colors and mix and match the background and snap loop. These come in both large and small sizes, so they are truly customizable.

All of us here at Disney Fashionista are pretty much infatuated with these little pretties, but we want to know what you think! Drop us a comment, and let us know if you are adding these to your list of park essentials!


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