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Easy Disney Inspired Snacks To Bring The Magic Home

Disney Inspired Snacks

This week I decided to make breakfast, but make it magical! I made banana muffins with chocolate Mickeys, and they were a hit! Which got me wondering, what other easy Disney Inspired Snacks can I make at home? So after searching for some ideas, we decided, let’s share them!

Mickey Muffins

Disney Inspired Snacks

The muffins were really a spur of the moment kind of decision. My son wasn’t eating the bananas he had wanted, and they were starting to get mushy. So I mashed them up, pulled out my favorite banana muffin recipe and got to work. While they were baking, I was like how can I make these a little more magical? I looked at the chocolate chips I had decided to toss into the muffin mix, and the idea was born!

I grabbed a cup of chocolate chips, put them in a glass bowl and started melting them in the microwave. To get the right consistency I did 20 second intervals for about a minute and a half, stirring at each 20 second mark till all the chips melted as I stirred them in. Then I took a plastic sandwich bag, filled it with the liquid chocolate, and snipped a small hole at a bottom corner. On a sheet of parchment, I piped out the iconic shape! Mickeys are easy, because they don’t have to be perfect, just gotta do a big circle, with 2 smaller circles.

Afterward, I used a toothpick to swirl the circles, to give it a bit of a fancy look. I popped them in the freezer until the muffins were cooled. I cut a small slit into each muffin, and slid the chocolate Mickeys on top for the finishing touch! Voila, easy Mickey muffins, that you can make from whatever flavor you love most!

Easy Mickey Pretzels

Image Source: Disney Eats

Disney Eats on Instagram is a treasure trove of easy Disney Inspired Snacks! Mickey pretzels are a surprisingly easy snack! You can make your own dough, which isn’t too hard with a recipe like this one. OR You can purchase fresh pizza dough from your local grocer.

Roll out the dough into “snakes” cut them into about three-inch pieces, and twist them into a circle, with two “ears” at the top. Use your fingers to shape and press the dough a little bit, and then bake according to the directions for your recipe, or dough. Of course, you can then top them with anything you like! Coarse salt, sprinkles, cheese, the options are as endless as the magic!

Mickey Pizzas

Mickey Pizzas are fun and tasty! This is one you can really get the whole family in on making too! This Delish recipe shows a great video on how to shape premade dough into Mickey shapes. You don’t have to stick with pepperoni, get creative and let everyone use their favorite toppings! Bonus points if you make a hidden Mickey from pepperoni, or olives though!

Mickey Pie

Image Source: Disney Eats

This is another easy one that you can personalize to your liking! Make your favorite pie filling, but grab a mini Mickey cookie cutter before you put the top sheet of pie dough on! If you don’t have one yet, you can grab one on Amazon.

Try The Grey Stuff

Disney Inspired Snacks

Disney Family has a recipe for The Grey Stuff! Yes, the iconic treat you can get from Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom, or the Red Rose Taverne at Disneyland. Try making your own with this fun recipe, and show off your plating skills! Pro-tip use a piping bag with a fun tip and swirl it onto tiny plates!

Mickey Rice Crispy Treats

Disney Inspired Snacks
Image Source: Disney Eats

Mickey rice crispy treats are an iconic Disney Park favorite! They’re easy to make at home, but there’s just something about shaping them like Mickey that makes them taste better. With a Mickey cookie cutter like this one from Amazon, you can have that magical taste all the time! Make a batch of rice crispy treats, and smoosh it onto a sheet pan with parchment paper. I like to put plastic wrap over it and use a rolling pin to get it nice and flat, and usually keep it about an inch and a half thick.  Then chill them a bit, and punch out some delicious Mickeys! I like to use melted chocolate to dip the ears in, and then top with sprinkles!

This is just a handful of the fun and easy Disney Inspired Snacks you can make at home! Would you like to see more fun Disney at home inspirations?

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